Being an OEM of several luxury brands, we are well-known as one of the top quality sunglasses suppliers. We are always heading for the next level performance lenses for the customers.

Each piece lens of Per Meglio is highly stricted testing by our lens technology lab, which ensure excellent visual comfort and a whole new vision-different world.  The unique construction of our multi-layered lenses outshine standard lenses in the industry. This specialized process combines a premium polarized film with a high grade Japanese nylon through a precise multi-layered injection mold for optimum durability and optical clarity.

As a pioneer of innovative lens technology, Meglio has always challenged the limits and provide the best optical performance.

Per Meglio lenses is guaranteed to be in compliance with international standards.

  • ISO 12312-1
  • AS/NZS 1067
  • ANSI Z80.3

With the exclusive lenses coating process, Meglio polarized lenses sees no rivals and differs from competitors, offering:

  • Military Grade
  • Resistance to scratches, impacts, stress etc.
  • The best optical performance and high comparison
  • Vision comfort

A top-notch sports performance material, nylon lenses stand up to heat, stress, and the knocks that come with everyday wear. Nylon polarized lens is a lable of luxury sunglasses.

CR-39, Lighter than optical glass but offering comparable optics. As for the excellent optical performance, the CR39 polarized lenses is also prefered by some name brands’ sunglasses such as Armani.

Per Meglio HE LENSES
It is the highten contrast high clarity optical performance lenses,. It is the same level or even better than OAKLEY Prizm lenses or SMITH Chromapop lenses.